Monday, December 15, 2008

Couldn't wait for Christmas

Yeeahhh, yipee, it's another 10 days to Christmas. All I want for Christmas is not my two front teeth..... It's another year for festivities with lots of eating, giving and receiving presents. As for me, this year I was given a free gift. It's a whole body slimming treatment worth RM320.00. Couldn't not wait to use it. I'm going to enjoy be pampered and messaged by the slimming experts.

Christmas is not the only time to celebrate with Christmas tree, food and gifts. It's indeed a joyous time of great celebration for Christians. It's the time when Jesus Christ was prophesied to be born of Virgin Mary two thousand years ago. He came to forgive our sins and reconciled mankind relationship with God.

I believed that Christmas has became too commercialised. They have lost it's true meaning of Christmas. Without Jesus Christ be born two thousand years ago, I don't think we will celebrate Christmas today.

P/s While you are celebrating Christmas this 25th, just do remember it's Jesus wonderful birthday. Merry Christmas everyone!


eugene said...

hi,here to wish you a early jingle bell,jingle bell,jingle all the way,oh what a fun is to have known someone like you.

hope to see you reshaped and rejuvenated after the RM320 slimming regime

The Mrs Blogs said...

Wishing you a very Merry Early X'mas :) Even though I don't celebrate it but I"m still in a X'masy spirit, hehe.

Wah don't forget to blog about the session, it's going to be fun!