Friday, July 30, 2010

The Big "C"

When I heard that my sister's colleague contracted breast cancer, I was shocked. She was healthy, never smoke and drink.

She found a lump at her right breast when she was doing her mammogram. After that, biopsy was done to detect whether her lump was cancerous. Her biopsy was taken to test and she was asked to wait for a week.

She went back to the hospital and the doctor broke the bad news. She has cancer and thank God, it was at the first stage. When she heard the news, her world came crashing down. Her spirit was depressed and in anguished. "Why me? I'm always healthy..."

She believed she contracted cancer due to her genetic factor. Her aunt died of breast cancer. Yeah, blame it on the genes....

Coincidentally, she's seeking treatment at the hospital I'm attached to now. I went and visited her last 2 days after her operation. She decided to sacrifice her breast even though the cancer is still at the early stage.

The last I saw her she was joyful and talking to me happily. I hope that she was not pretending and I'm able to cheer her up despite her condition. She will have to follow up with chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment.

Today, I met another cancer patient. She's in her 40s and not married, she contracted this disease 2 years ago. Her cancer is at the third stage now and is controllable.

She did not know that she will have this cancer and there is no indication of cancer in her family history. 3 of her friends had died of this disease and she's trying to stay strong and positive.

My heart goes out to this type of people. They are between life and death. It's curable but it's a long time process.

Having a strong mind and spirit and also believing in God Almighty helps to make the cell cancer die faster.

80% of the cancer patients in my hospital are women.

Ps. So ladies, please do a BSE monthly or a yearly mammogram. Get a pap smear done yearly. Early detection can avoid cancer cells to form and multiply.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Road Bully Encounter

I remembered vividly of what happened one year plus ago. It's not something of a flying shoe episode posted by Eugene.

I was on the usual way going to church and was driving on 4th gear. As I was about to turn to the right lane, suddenly there was a Kenari gave a sudden break and cutting out into my lane. As a precaution and safety, I slammed on my breaks giving the driver a sounding horn. Just to warn him...

I turned left slowing down my vehicle because there were market crowds along the stretch of the road. I was about to continue on and suddenly the same Kenari stopped in front of me! The owner stepped of his vehicle and started hurling me abusive words. He was shouting top of his lungs why I gave him a horn much to the oblivious of his wife and two young children!

I wind down my window and told him I horned him it's because he gave a sudden break. He continue to shout and he was pissed off until he was trying to open my door! I was thinking he wanted to hit me or something...

Luckily, I locked my doors. After all his shouting was done, he drove off.

What my mom told me was true, there are people who don't like to horn resulting of murder cases just because of these road rage.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Lovingly Filed

My boyfriend came on Thursday just to be with me, how sweet was he. It was his off day and coincidentally I haven't started work yet.

He came during lunch and he had nasi kandar which I bought. After lunch, we watched the Singaporean chinese drama series and talked. It was 3pm and due to our heavy stomach and the hot weather, our eye lids starting to shut. It was nap time!

We took a nap for an hour or so. After waking up, I made coffee for him and sitting on the couch, he started to give his right hand. He's asking me to clip his nails. I never clip anyone nails before!

And OMG, he has the toughest nails! Using the largest nail clippers I had, I couldn't clip his nails. I nearly cut his flesh, giving up, he cut all his nails.

Lovingly, I filed all his nails.

I think I will get the largest nail clipper I could find for our first year anniversary celebrating next month, lol.

Ps. Done anything lovingly for your spouse/love one recently?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Uncles" And "Aunties"

When I open my door and waiting for the lift at some specific day, I would bum in a little boy and he will addressed me "Aunty". I loved of being called that, I feel that I'm being respected. This little boy is the grandson of my neighbour.

Nevertheless, when I meet his grandad, I would loudly called "Uncle" or when I bump into his wife, I would smiled and stroke up a conversation.

I loved living in an apartment surrounding. It gives me a sense of belonging to the community. I'm closed to a few neighbours at my floor, to the laundry lady located downstairs, to my hairstylist and his family and to the seamstress at the market.

My hairstylist, Ah Boy and his family, we stroke up a great and warmth friendship. Not only he related me as one of his customer, he has accepted me as one of his good friend. I can go and talk to him and his mom about everything that is happening in my life and they gave me good advice. They have became a "little" family to me.

Another person I called "Aunty" is the seamstress at the market. We had stroke up such great friendship until we went to church service together a few times. She's not a Christian yet, but I don't mind taking her to the church service. She did shared her family problems and needs someone to listen. She's like my own grandma.

Even though, these friendships will be so deep, I believed that somehow we have impacted each other's lives in one way or another.

Ps. Funny though, until now, I never knew their real names.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Buy 1 Get 1, 50%

It was about time for me to replenish my source of hobby. I'm reading my last book, Digital Fortress by Dan Brown and I realised that I was running out of books to read.

So, I decided to buy more fiction books. I can go to a second hand shop to rent some good books which are much cheaper but I don't really like it. I loved the fresh and the smell of every fresh page turned.

So, I decided to go to Borders at Queensbay Mall to get some good read. One thing I loved about this bookstore is they are always offering books promotion and discounts.

I went there and at the entrance there were stacks of books displayed.
Buy 1 Get 1, 50% caught my eye. The books displayed were not the latest fictions but most of them were the old title and publications. They are quite good pick to read.

I browsed through and I picked 2 books. One was Goodnight Beautiful by Dorothy Koomson and Paths of Glory by Jeffrey Archer.

The total for these 2 books cost me only RM54.65. Isn't that damn cheap? I'm going to enjoy my reading.

Ps. When comes to books, I don't mind spending any amount.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Finally, I decided

For this past few days, I was in a dilemma of picking the right job. As I mentioned in my last blog "Good Things Come For Those Who Wait".

I did and went for the medical checkup on Monday at the hospital of which I'm applying for the post of a receptionist. After a horrendous 3 hours of waiting, taking my urine sample, blood sample and taking chest x-ray, I was told to go home and wait. This is a procedure of every private hospitals for applying jobs.

And they told me that my result was supposed to be out in 2 days time. I called up on Wednesday and it was not out yet. If I fail the medical results, the hospital most probably won't offer me the said post.

Coincidentally, on the same day, the college HR called up and asking me to sign the offer letter, and I told her that I will go on Thursday to do so.

Back in my mind, I was wondering, whether I've passed the medical tests. What if I have a infectious or incurable disease? It's all boil down to my blood and urine test. That worries me.

Praise The Lord! This morning, I received a call from the hospital that my medical report was acceptable and I'm being offered the post and was asked to start work on the 26th July.

The basic salary comes with a RM100 plus allowance with free parking, free medical and subsidised meals.

And on top of that, I can get to meet cute doctors!

I finally made my decision. I'm going to take up this offer and rejecting the college offer.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dental Xperience

Ouuch...When I bite on my left side and drinking with cold water, I had a sharp pain. Thought my tooth was experiencing some sensitivity.

I ignored it quite a while until the pain came back again. I thought there must be a cavity and made an appointment with my dentist.

The last I went to the dentist was about 2 years ago, it was when I needed to fix four dentures. The four dentures were located at the upper side next to the molar.

The sound of drilling, the injection, the extracting and the long period of opening my mouth makes me hate to visit the dentist.

This time, I have no choice but to go. I went and told my dentist about the pain. After checking it out, he found out that the pain was from the hole in the old filing of my downside left molar.

He then keep on drilling the old filing out and replaced with new filing. He hopes that this method will solve my predicament, if not he will have to do crowning. And one crowning costs RM450.

It's been 2 days and I can eat well with my new filing. After all, the whole procedure costs RM80.

Dental services in Malaysia can be expensive depends on the type of treatments available. We need to be wise and careful to choose the right dental services and care.

Ps. I rather pay a little more just to get the best and right dental care. Do you agree?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Good Things Come For Those Who Wait

Good things come for those who wait. It's so good until I can't decide of what to take. Praise the Lord! He has provided me more than enough.

I'm being offered 2 good job offers. First as a post of a receptionist in an established hospital and the second one as an admin assistant in a college.

The hospital administration has promised me the job but my salary has yet to be finalise after the 21st July as the hospital is busy preparing for its accreditation exercises.

The salary is RM100 higher than my last paycheck for my second job offer and I'm being asked to start work on 19th July. I liked to work in a college environment as I've had experienced working for 10 years plus.

I will be very new in the hospital environment but yet the benefits are good, don't know about the pay package though.

I'm in a bit of dilemma now. I've one more day to decide as I need to confirm the offer with the college hr department.

I need to decide the right job as it will determine my future undertakings.

Ps. God is good all the time. There's so much blessings He's pouring out until I can't decide at this moment.

An Idle Mind...Is A Devil's Mind

It's been a week now since I'm not working. I missed my office life of waking up early, the bustling traffic, my colleagues joy and laughter and my work.

I should feel a blast for not working but I feel otherwise. I feel I don't accomplish anything in a single day except sleeping and eating. Everyday, I'm feeling restless waiting for the day when will I start work.

Thank God, for the blogging and FB that keeps me sane. Also for the daily local program news and constant gossip with my neighbours at my flat.

I've been sending my applications online and have been attending numerous job interviews. One thing I hate is the period of waiting. Waiting for them to call for interviews and their confirmation whether I'm hired. Aarrgh...

Tomorrow will be another slow day. I do hope that I will get confirmation from the last interview.

Ps. An idle mind is a devil's mind.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Man & Football

Once every 4 years, football or non-football fans are glued to the TVs just to watch 2 teams running after a ball.

It will start from the playoff, then to the designated groups, quarterfinals, semifinals and the finals.

I'm not too much of a football fan but most men are. Like instance, my beloved boyfriend.

He's not much of a football fan but once every 4 years, he will glued to the TV. I've not seen him for a month since the World Cup 2010 begins, he has forgotten this girlfriend of his trying to understand his overnight passion.

We are staying in a different locality and he's prefer to stay at home and watch every match. Much to the chagrin, I don't subscribe to Astro and the local stations showed the matches on weekends only.

Been wanting to go to his place, but each time he make lots of excuses, I still wonder why?

Now, the matches are reaching quarterfinals. I've to wait to see him until this World Cup ends!

Poor me :(

I'm forgotten and was replaced by his overnight passion.

Ps. Is this sensation making everyone overwhelming?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Unemployed This Moment...

I'm out of job as of 1st July 2010. It's not that I deliberately wanted to quit but I was challenged to by her. The lawyer's firm I was working with, the boss is psychotic and paranoid.

Even I was not challenged, I will resign as I can't work with her. Given three months I was with her, I did learned some basic of the work I can use if I wish to continue working in the legal line.

I have not secure any job at this moment, but it's a good thing just to relax my mind and body. Thank God, I'm still single, and not having major commitments except car installments and bills to pay. And I still have savings to go by at least a few months.

I've got to tighten my belt until I find a new job. I will eat of the same food for lunch and dinner. I will save petrol because I will only use my car if necessary.
No more having expensive dinner that cost over RM10 and cutting down unnecessary spending.

In the meantime, I will try to get a part time job.

However, I have to get a job a.s.a.p as I'm not use to of not working for a long period of time. I can become lazy in my mind and body.

Ps. People in Penang, got any kang tau boh? Do let me know ya!