Friday, August 12, 2011

Be Alert and Careful, ladies....

This morning when I arrived at work, I saw on the white board written that 2 of my colleagues went to the police station and to the hospital. It involves students as they were from the student affair departments, I thought.

Later, I then asked another colleague why did they go to the specify mentioned places? And I was told, that one of my colleagues, the handbag got snatched and she was slashed in her left hand.

She came in the morning at 8 plus and she parked at the side lane, the usual place. She saw someone who's tall, dark and skinny standing at the side labe looking at her via her side mirror. She thought the guy just standing there, minding his own business.

As she was about to alight from her car, he approached her and stuck a knife at her side asking her to be quiet. Knowing that she being robbed, she held tightly her handbag. He continued to grab the bag and she continues to grip tightly.

The robber tried to slash her handbag away from her grip, but in doing that, he slashed her left palm leaving a deep gash. She gave a chilling scream until it alerted all her other colleagues and students. She was quickly administered first aid and was driven to the hospital.

My colleague received 8 stitches. Thank God, her wound was only on her palm only, not on her face or other parts of her body.

Ps. Ladies, please be very careful and alert at all times. Try not to carry handbags if neccessary, if you do carry, BE ALWAYS ALERT and street smart.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm so annoyed.........

I am annoyed with a Christian sister from my church. She is asking about my private life through my sister.

This Christian sister was asking about my boyfriend and I. Yes, she saw us holding hands in church while we were praying. And she starts to investigate who my boyfriend is. My boyfriend is from a different race than I am.

She continues to ask about my boyfriend from my sister of which she can ask from me. I really do not understand why is she doing like that. My sister could have mistakenly tell the wrong information of what she needs to know.

She even sent friend request to my FB account. Of course, I did not accept her request. Why on earth, she sent me request now? After all, she should has added me before I meet my boyfriend.

Clearly, she wants to snoop around for information that will lead to my boyfriend and I. She's so unbelievable!

I felt so annoyed and I text her last night, telling her to stop what she's doing and asking her to get the right information from me only.

Ps. I'm not bad mouthing any Christian here, as I'm a Christ's believer too. It's only her approach and her manners are not Christian like at all!

Friday, August 5, 2011

If only we could listen......

I was away busing myself in the working world and now Im back after weeks of missing. Of course, there were much work to be done. And now, I heaved a sigh of relief.

For the last 2 weeks, an incident happened at the place Im staying, I did not know of the news until I heard it from my neighbours. This news was published in the Chinese daily and I don't read them, so I was oblivious to it.

A lady in her late fifties jumped to her death at the blocked adjacent to mine. It happened on last two Thursdays at 2am and I was sleeping like a dead meat. I did not hear any thud or loud sirens which were supposed from the police and the ambulance. Guessed they did not turn the sirens to catch any attention.

I do not know of her nor have I met her even though she stayed next to my block. And yes, she was the talk of my area.

Her husband has many wives and because of this, she was estranged and hurt of how she was treated badly. And she has a mentally retarded son. These are the reasons that could have made her end her life.

I have a friend that wanted to end her life years ago, every calls that came made me jittery. She will tell me that she has no reason to live. I was so afraid each time, she make this comment. I listened to her bawling and I was there each moment for her.

She did visit a psychiatric and was given medicine. After years of taking medicine and many prayers and belief in God, she was healed. I was there to listen.

Ps. It's really disheartening to hear people end their life. If only we could listen to them and if only they are able to share.....