Friday, July 25, 2008

Back to my hometown

Today, Im back at Ipoh, my hometown which I was born and schooled before moving to the Pearl of Orient. Im home visiting my folks and my newly born niece. She's cute alright. Everyone is excited and doting around her.

As the bus was driving to the bus stop, I looked out. To me, Ipoh has not changed drastically ever since I remembered in spite of the new highway and some developed new township. Life here is slow, compared to the hustle and bustle in Penang.

Back in the old days as far my geography lesson can take me, Ipoh is famous for mining. Ipoh is also famous for its local food. The gha choi kai (chicken rice with bean sprout), kai see hor fan (rice noddle with soup), kai chai peng (chicken biscuit), the pamelo and the ever famous white coffee. Funny though, I rarely consumed all this food when I was in Ipoh.

Im glad that Im back; to escape the crazy and busy life in Penang.

Maybe I will come back and retire in this slow town.

p/s The picture that I posted is a municipal townhall building in Ipoh.

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