Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanks for the Blogs

I started blogging since April this year, introduced by my godbrother, Eugene. I'm not your everyday blogger, only posted a blog once a week. So you can see that, until right now, my total blog only reached 34. I blog based on my feelings, things that happened and I'm going through. You know, it's kind like my personal diary for everyone to see.

Blogging is fun especially, when I'm linked to different websites of blogger. From Christian blog to blogs that talked about technical stuff, health, food, environmental, everyday stuff and even sex.

My knowledge have increased since I've been learning and capturing these kind of facts.

My feelings are open whenever I blog much to the chagrin that my blog will be read by millions.

Blogging have made me close to certain people.

Cas, you are always looking so sweet in your photos. I loved your quirkiness. Hope to meet you in person one day.

Eugene, you always been my guardian angel on earth. You are so true to your feelings towards the things that happened. Thanks for your comments and advice.

Claire, your blog remains me my hometown, Ipoh, especially the food.

Abraham, your blog really inspires me whenever my spirit is down. Always looking forward to read whenever my soul is thirsty.

I will keep on blogging as long as it takes. It doesn't matter if only a handful of people read. I will blog to keep in touch of my feelings.


The Mrs Blogs said...

Wow Jes, a personal shoutout, thanks so much. Am truly touched. Always look forward to reading your blog updates in the morning at work. Hope to meet up with you soon too one day. Am sure we'll get along so well :)

eugene said...

i just dropped by to say "i love you"