Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Uncles" And "Aunties"

When I open my door and waiting for the lift at some specific day, I would bum in a little boy and he will addressed me "Aunty". I loved of being called that, I feel that I'm being respected. This little boy is the grandson of my neighbour.

Nevertheless, when I meet his grandad, I would loudly called "Uncle" or when I bump into his wife, I would smiled and stroke up a conversation.

I loved living in an apartment surrounding. It gives me a sense of belonging to the community. I'm closed to a few neighbours at my floor, to the laundry lady located downstairs, to my hairstylist and his family and to the seamstress at the market.

My hairstylist, Ah Boy and his family, we stroke up a great and warmth friendship. Not only he related me as one of his customer, he has accepted me as one of his good friend. I can go and talk to him and his mom about everything that is happening in my life and they gave me good advice. They have became a "little" family to me.

Another person I called "Aunty" is the seamstress at the market. We had stroke up such great friendship until we went to church service together a few times. She's not a Christian yet, but I don't mind taking her to the church service. She did shared her family problems and needs someone to listen. She's like my own grandma.

Even though, these friendships will be so deep, I believed that somehow we have impacted each other's lives in one way or another.

Ps. Funny though, until now, I never knew their real names.


reanaclaire said...

Good for u.. it is like in those movies .. one helping another.. one big family as u said..good to have helpful and trusting neighbours..

eugene said...

I have friends been sitting with me almost 3 months for breadfast,only then got to know my name,,,funny right?

Kenny De said...

yea~ happy to hear that ur happy with ur surroundings sis.. hows the new job then?hehe~ have a nice day ya :)

sexyjessie said...

Renaclaire: Yeap, must have the muhibbah spirit.

Eugene:Lol and yes it's funny. It's more personal when their names are known.

Kenny De:I will be starting my new job on next Mon, 26th July. Will update you.