Friday, July 23, 2010

Lovingly Filed

My boyfriend came on Thursday just to be with me, how sweet was he. It was his off day and coincidentally I haven't started work yet.

He came during lunch and he had nasi kandar which I bought. After lunch, we watched the Singaporean chinese drama series and talked. It was 3pm and due to our heavy stomach and the hot weather, our eye lids starting to shut. It was nap time!

We took a nap for an hour or so. After waking up, I made coffee for him and sitting on the couch, he started to give his right hand. He's asking me to clip his nails. I never clip anyone nails before!

And OMG, he has the toughest nails! Using the largest nail clippers I had, I couldn't clip his nails. I nearly cut his flesh, giving up, he cut all his nails.

Lovingly, I filed all his nails.

I think I will get the largest nail clipper I could find for our first year anniversary celebrating next month, lol.

Ps. Done anything lovingly for your spouse/love one recently?


Kenny De said...

so cute u both..hehe.. i'll send the biggest nail clipper from sarawak then sis..haha

eugene said...

you sure just a nap? kekekekekekekekek

reanaclaire said...

your boyfren is so blessed..

sexyjessie said...

Kenny:Pls send me one if Sarawak has one, lol.

Eugene:Ahem...well, it's up to your imagination, you know what I mean?

Renaclaire:Yep, it's a blessing that we have each other.

Cas said...

Good good,hope you're having a romantic weekend too :)