Friday, July 30, 2010

The Big "C"

When I heard that my sister's colleague contracted breast cancer, I was shocked. She was healthy, never smoke and drink.

She found a lump at her right breast when she was doing her mammogram. After that, biopsy was done to detect whether her lump was cancerous. Her biopsy was taken to test and she was asked to wait for a week.

She went back to the hospital and the doctor broke the bad news. She has cancer and thank God, it was at the first stage. When she heard the news, her world came crashing down. Her spirit was depressed and in anguished. "Why me? I'm always healthy..."

She believed she contracted cancer due to her genetic factor. Her aunt died of breast cancer. Yeah, blame it on the genes....

Coincidentally, she's seeking treatment at the hospital I'm attached to now. I went and visited her last 2 days after her operation. She decided to sacrifice her breast even though the cancer is still at the early stage.

The last I saw her she was joyful and talking to me happily. I hope that she was not pretending and I'm able to cheer her up despite her condition. She will have to follow up with chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment.

Today, I met another cancer patient. She's in her 40s and not married, she contracted this disease 2 years ago. Her cancer is at the third stage now and is controllable.

She did not know that she will have this cancer and there is no indication of cancer in her family history. 3 of her friends had died of this disease and she's trying to stay strong and positive.

My heart goes out to this type of people. They are between life and death. It's curable but it's a long time process.

Having a strong mind and spirit and also believing in God Almighty helps to make the cell cancer die faster.

80% of the cancer patients in my hospital are women.

Ps. So ladies, please do a BSE monthly or a yearly mammogram. Get a pap smear done yearly. Early detection can avoid cancer cells to form and multiply.


reanaclaire said...

my insurance agent told me that 1 in 3 people get cancer nowadays.. that is very shocking, right? i went to do ultra sound on my breasts recently.. posted about it too..

sexy jessie said...

Renaclaire:Yeap, it's definately scary and shocking that these days there are so many cancer cases.

I think it's our food and lifestyles contribute to this.

Kenny De said...

waiseh sis.. sejak kerja dekat hospital ni dah jadi spoke person for medical site ke?hehe

sexy jessie said...

Kenny De:LOL...

Cas said...

That's so sad :( If it's genetics then theres nothing one can do much about it except get it detected yearly. Hope she has the courage to continue and fight this.