Saturday, July 3, 2010

Man & Football

Once every 4 years, football or non-football fans are glued to the TVs just to watch 2 teams running after a ball.

It will start from the playoff, then to the designated groups, quarterfinals, semifinals and the finals.

I'm not too much of a football fan but most men are. Like instance, my beloved boyfriend.

He's not much of a football fan but once every 4 years, he will glued to the TV. I've not seen him for a month since the World Cup 2010 begins, he has forgotten this girlfriend of his trying to understand his overnight passion.

We are staying in a different locality and he's prefer to stay at home and watch every match. Much to the chagrin, I don't subscribe to Astro and the local stations showed the matches on weekends only.

Been wanting to go to his place, but each time he make lots of excuses, I still wonder why?

Now, the matches are reaching quarterfinals. I've to wait to see him until this World Cup ends!

Poor me :(

I'm forgotten and was replaced by his overnight passion.

Ps. Is this sensation making everyone overwhelming?


Kenny De said...

hehe..this soccer thing born in all man sis.. whether they play it or not..just be patient..almost over oready k :)

reanaclaire said...

hmmm... *speechless* guess.. it is one of those days, huh..

sexyjessie said...

Kenny De:Thank God, it's almost over...only for a few days more.

Renaclaire:Im "speechless" too. :)