Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Good Things Come For Those Who Wait

Good things come for those who wait. It's so good until I can't decide of what to take. Praise the Lord! He has provided me more than enough.

I'm being offered 2 good job offers. First as a post of a receptionist in an established hospital and the second one as an admin assistant in a college.

The hospital administration has promised me the job but my salary has yet to be finalise after the 21st July as the hospital is busy preparing for its accreditation exercises.

The salary is RM100 higher than my last paycheck for my second job offer and I'm being asked to start work on 19th July. I liked to work in a college environment as I've had experienced working for 10 years plus.

I will be very new in the hospital environment but yet the benefits are good, don't know about the pay package though.

I'm in a bit of dilemma now. I've one more day to decide as I need to confirm the offer with the college hr department.

I need to decide the right job as it will determine my future undertakings.

Ps. God is good all the time. There's so much blessings He's pouring out until I can't decide at this moment.


Kenny De said...

i told u sis..hehe.. so,up to u to decide now..hehe

sexyjessie said...

Kenny De:Yep, it's up to me to decide now.

Kenny De said...

choose wisely sis..hehe hopefully u didnt bump into another LION..kih3

eugene said...

I would love to see you in the college,, i guess more refreshing than working in the hospital, if you know what i mean,,,

praise the lord

sexyjessie said...

Kenny De:Lol...I think there's only one Lion King out there and she's dying anytime soon.

Eugene:Yes, you are right, bro. College environment is more suitable for me.

Cas said...

Congrats, you deserve this so make the best decision :) Beats working for that crazy woman eh?

sexyjessie said...

Cas:Lol..You bet.