Friday, August 7, 2009

When did you discover sex?

I remembered I sat in my high school science lab listening to my teacher explaining about a penis meeting an egg. The penis will shoot thousand of sperms inside the vagina to meet the ovary. After the sexual meeting, the result is a baby waiting to be delivered in nine month's time.

I was gawking and trying to imagine what my teacher had said. I was really lost and there was my sex education, theoretically. There was no explanation about safe sex and using of condoms. (Maybe, during 13 years ago, there were not many unwanted pregnancies).

Being a taboo subject and an embarrassment to ask my parents, I discovered sex by reading Miles and Boons stories. The stories were told subtly which leaves the reader to it's imagination. Those who read Miles and Boons, I'm sure you know, right?

I continued to discover more by reading magazines about the implication and having safe sex. Also sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Kids, nowadays are different from kids 10 years ago. Studies found that kids as young as nine years, especially girls are sexually active. Damn their ragging hormone! Some of them even lost their virginity. Shocking isn't it?

Easy accessibility of pornographic and bad company they mixed with could end up for these kids to have sex not in a rightful manner.

I do not how the sex education is being taught in school today. It is definately not enough! Parents still need to teach their own children what the teachers have missed out.

Ps. Parents, please take a keen interest to teach your own children the proper sex education. Please do not let your children end up like me discovering sex from various sources.

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eugene said...

dont worry, honey and bee analogy wont work anymore,time evovles so does sex,,hahahahah.

may be next time my sons can be a sexper than the old man.hahahahah agian.