Sunday, August 23, 2009

My 100th Blog

Finally, I won the race of being in the 100th blog. I think should award every 100th blog.

Been blogging for a year plus now. I was introduced the blogging world by my godbrother Eugene, Thanks to him, I have came this far.

Initially, I remembered my first few blogs was kind of hard. I needed to think and write topics in a piece of paper before I transferred the details in my blog entry. So much of being an amateur, lol. After a few entries, it became natural and thoughts and topics just flow easily.

Blogging has became a way of life for me. I don't really blog for money, but it has thought me to become mature and wiser handling life's challengers. Much though. I have a few kaki bloggers which I would like to thank for.

Full Time Mom, Linda, Womanspeak,Genna,Cas and Eugene, thanks for visiting me and following my life stories leaving comments and good advice. You guys are my online guardian angels even though we have not met.

Made to Worship and Abraham, your blogs inspires me whenever I'm down and looking for Godly advice.

I will go on blogging bringing my life happiness, sadness and griefs to live.

Ps. A great thanks and appreciation to my blogger friends for being there in and out.


The Mrs Blogs said...

Congrats! No need to thank us, it's always a pleasure to read your blog to see what's going on and hear (or in this case, read) your thoughts. Here's to you blogging the blog for a long long time Jessie. Hugs

Sexy Jessie said...

It's a way of thanks and appreciation putting in words.

eugene said...

well done,, sister,,soon and very soon you shall become the celeb blogger,,,,

Lindz said...

congratulations Jess, you made it. Like you I dont blog to earn, I blog to share my experiences too, I have a lot of respect to people who can make it to monetize their blog too no doubt they have a lot of patience dong it, I look forward to hearing from your life experiences. by the way is that me you mentioned here? hehehe it it's me thank you very much, glad to know that someone somewhere is appreciating my friendship.

Sexy Jessie said...

Thanks Lindz, for your many comments. Appreciate your vists.