Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thoughts On My Family

I've got a missed call from my dad during lunch today. I did not take my handphone out. I felt jittery after receiving his call. I returned his call.

You know, the kind of feeling you would have, thinking that you get bad news about your family, especially in the odd hours and at night?

Whew, thank God, my dad accidentally pressed my number.

Absent makes the heart grows fonder as they say.

Most days, my thoughts will be on them and even my two brothers. That everything will be well of them.

The bond between us are not the same anymore as each of us have our own lives to live. Gone are the days, when we all stayed together. Perhaps, the bond will be stronger now?

I haven't talked to my brothers since the last gathering at my parent's house for the chinese new year. As the elder sister, I should take an initiative to call and talk to them. But, I have this feeling, maybe they don't want to be disturbed?

Ps. As you grew up, does your bond with your family grew apart or became more close knit? Am I a bad sister?


gab's mom said...

in my experience, our bond became better when we grew older...

i think you just have to get in touch. don't feel like they don't want to be disturbed because on the other hand, what if they want to hear from you? just give it a shot!

i always make it a point to get in touch with my siblings. i'm second to the youngest. ;-)

sexyjessie said...

Appreciate your advice Gab's Mom. I think that I have to make the first move.