Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Breasts Are For Real

When God created woman, He gave them a pair of breast of varies sizes and color. Which make us women one of the most attractive species in this world despite the curvaceous body we have.

There are millions of women going for a breast enlargement surgery to make them look attractive. Not only men are going ga ga over this, but there are some women are envy looking at large firm beautiful breasts.

Nowadays, there are also natural breast enhancement program if they are opt for a safer alternative.

Besides these programs and surgeries, wondrabras and maximiser are created for better breasts fit and lift ups. Simple exercises too can firm up breasts.

My breasts are of average size, but sometimes I wish I could be a bit of a larger size, if given a free chance.

Ps. As for now, I'm relying on maximiser and exercise to have firm breasts. I'm certainly proud of my real breasts!


The Mrs Blogs said...

Hehehe same here, natural breasts are the best :))

ezekiel13 said...

It's kind 'a turns me off when I learned a certain woman undergone a breast enlargement surgery. I still go to women with their real natural breasts and not minding the size.. :) did i say this right? hehe