Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Of Candy Floss & Ice Cream Potong

Gone were the days where you can easily get candy floss and ice cream potong, or cut ice cream precisely.

I remembered back in my school days, when after school at a certain time and day, there came a man with his motorbike thing, thing, ringing his bell rounding up my home neighbourhood. At an instant, I knew it was him. I ran out of the door, taking only a few cents.

I looked down inside his magic big container which have mostly 3 colors, yellow, pink and brown. One can surely guessed that it contained of vanilla or durian, strawberry and chocolate flavours. You can picked the ice cream either to be placed in a cone or in a bun. Whenever, I take the first bite, it really makes me just happy.

You can opt for an ice-cream potong if you would like to change your taste bud.
The ice cream potong comes with durian, red bean and chocolate flavour. Mine favourite was the durian and it costs only 10 cents!

Another one who always make his visit was the candy floss man. He will whirl and twirl the sugar in a candy floss machine till it became fluffy. Reminiscing really brings back happy memory.

Ps. I really missed these childhood snacks.


Dorothy L said...

They sure do look delicious. There are so many things that we miss from our childhood and that is a sign that we have good memories:)

The Mrs Blogs said...

LOL me too, aah childhood memories, they're always the best!