Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Disturbing Dreams

The scene in my mind is still so fresh even right now I'm writing this entry. I dreamt about the death of my dad.

Got a phone call from my hometown telling me that my dad just passed away. I was shocked and I rush home. The dream was so real; it really scares me out.

Not only I dreamt about the death of my dad but also the death of my grandmother many times. My grandma is still alive and strong even though she's in her 90s. Thank the Lord for His mercy and grace upon her life!

I just don't know why I get this recurring dreams. Is it because that I'm the eldest daughter and granddaughter?

It's a taboo to tell the persons about this type of dreams according to Chinese beliefs.

I hate to be in this type of dreams but I can't control it.

Ps. Sometimes, we got to accept that death of our love ones will be near someday.


eugene said...

dont worry, may be you have been too stressed out,,,that usually will give us bad dreams,,

relax and go for more swim,that helps

Lindz said...

it's spooky, but i do believe that dreams have meaning