Thursday, July 16, 2009

Do you believe in ghosts/spirits?

There are some enthusiasts that hunt ghosts down in places which were reported haunted. Which made into live TV programs where the viewers are being taken and shown of what the ghost hunters do. It's up to the viewers discrepancy to believe whether it's a hoax or not.

Like they said, "Seeing is believing".

Now, I am not a person who really believe in ghosts or spirits; as they are sometimes called, unless I see them. Even in my Christian faith, I was taught that they are spirits out there. So far, I haven't seen any of these spirits, but I have experienced it. Let's call them it, they are not person.

It was in one of my church camp. I was sleeping with one of my sisters. As usual, before we retired, we prayed and asked God to protect us and cleanse the room with His blood. We slept peacefully through the night, and during the wee hours in the morning, I heard a loud tapping on the window. I woke up, thought it eas a tree branch knocking against the window. I looked towards the tree branch, still trying to locate the sound, and there was no tree branch knocking. Eventually, the tapping stopped. Was it my imagination or was it the spirit?!

The second incident was also in my church camp. I felt sick and so was my sister. Both of us took panadols after one of the service and we went back to our room. We slept. About 4 in the afternoon, we heard furniture's moving. The furniture's kept moving for about 20 minutes! We were very sure that our friends did not return to our dorm as they were having games outside. We were either too dazed or too afraid to investigate! I went down to investigate after the noises stopped and I sweared that the furniture's were not moved by any one of us at all! The next day, one of the pastor, told us the night before he had experienced a presence in his room.

I was sleeping and I was woken up by a presence in my room. There was something pressing me behind my back making me impossible to turn back to my side. Fear crept in and instantly I knew this is an evil spirit! I was helpless and all I can do is to pray. I called the name of Jesus and binding the evil spirit and command it to leave in Jesus name! Eventually, it left after few minutes of battle.

And these signs will accompany those who believe:In my name they will drive out demons, they will speak in new tongues.
Mark 16:17

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eugene said...

If there are men, why cant there be ghost, that does answer your question if i believe in ghost or not...