Friday, July 31, 2009

Looking Back

Today is the 31st July and 4 more months left of the year 2009. It will be another new year approaching soon. Time do passes so fast.

This year is not a good year for me. It was full of challenges as I looked back for the past 7 months.

First and foremost, I've quited my job during the economy downturn without any new job in mind. Not too sure whether I was a stupid fool that time, my friends supported me but my family was against my decision.

I was so desperate that any job that comes my way, I will take up, even as a babysitter or a kindergarten teacher. Needed as much cash to survive. Which brings me depressed mentally, physically and financially.

Started to pick up little quarrel with my sister, she was the punching bag. Kept on seeking God and praying hard everyday. Praise and thank the Lord, it only lasted two months. Found a job which I've stayed on for 2 months and now a much better one.

I've improved my relationship with God as I learnt to trust Him more.

However, my relationship with my boyfriend improved to a new level. Talked about marriage but no final decision been made yet.

What have you improve or able to achieve your this year resolution so far? Was it a good year?

a) In your career?
b) In your relationship with your love one and your family?
c) In your finances?
d) In your health?
e) In your spiritual life?
f) In your community?

I don't make resolution as I would have broken then before I achieved them. LOL...

Another 4 months to the new year of 2010, and whatever challenges whether good or bad, I will face with God's grace.

Ps. To those who are facing not a good year, always remember, your situation is much better compare to those who are far worst. Just look forward to another blessed year ahead!