Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A(H1N1) virus?

It all started with bad running nose yesterday night. Took an antihistamine and went to sleep, woke up with still running nose, body ache and mild fever. Decided not to take a day's off from work as I won't be able to perform at work.

Went to see the doctor and he asked me whether did I went for holiday abroad and any contact from all these holidaymakers. Of course, I did not visited any country abroad or nor I have any contact with them. My flu symptom is similar to the A(H1N1) virus. Well, he couldn't be too careful, wouldn't he?

As I was waiting for my turn, I notice there are some precaution method every clinic should taken into consideration. There was no anti-bacterial spray around and patients that came in should be given masks to wear.

We will not know whether we are being infected until we are tested positive, hence each one of us are susceptible.

Reports of local transmission are on the rise as they are being exposed and infected from the people they contact coming back from overseas. It has became a chain reaction infectious disease!

Try not to travel abroad to affected countries, if possible. Please see a doctor immediately of you shows any symptom of flu.

Ps. I must rest now to let my body heal and to boost up my immune system.

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