Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Old Wives Tales

When I was young, I remembered a few old wives tales which were told by my grandma and hear from old horses mouth, a prominent one I truly remembered till now.

I was told that whenever there is a moon hanging in the night sky, do not point at it. If you do, you'll get a gad cut behind the ears. Of course, I did not believe in this and to prove this belief, I tested and pointed to the moon. And to my shock, I had bad cut behind my ears the next few days. Now, at the point, I thought I had the cut resulting from not wiping behind my ears.

So, whenever the moon rise again, I pointed again and I had experienced another bad cut. This time I really believed this old wives tale!

In my heyday, I heard of other wives tales.

a) Never cross under a ladder. Bad luck will follow;

b) Make sure that a black cat won't jump across a dead body. It will "awaken" the body;

c) Pregnant women are not allowed to hold scissors and needles. These will harm the unborn child;

d) During the chinese 7th month, it's not advisable to venture out at night. You might encountered unwanted visitors;

e) Don't ever break a mirror. It will bring bad luck for seven years!

Each society has their own beliefs and superstitious. Just take it like a pinch of salt.

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