Sunday, March 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009

Come this Saturday, 28 March, this is the day when the world is called to switch off their lights and electricity appliances for an hour. In Malaysia, we are told to this from 8.30-9.30pm. This is to commemorate the Earth resting day for an hour.

The Earth had been suffering from all the damages we human being have cordoned. She has two large holes in the ozone, coughing up smoke emissions, her temperatures went crazy, kept non-biodegradable items like plastics, cloths and styrofoams.

The weather of today was not the same as years ago. It has been reported that hot temperatures worldwide sored as high as 3 degrees Celsius and cold temperature degrees rose likewise. The glaciers have been melting each day.

We, human being is to be blame. We contributed all these factors to spoilt the earth. She's sick today and if we do not continue to cure her, she will be so sick that in a few years to come, we will suffer because of her wrath.

Let's join hand together to switch off the lights for an hour this Sat and also cultivate a culture of recycling.

P/s, I seldom receive goods stored in plastic bags nowadays, unless if I have to only.

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The Mrs Blogs said...

I'll be participating this saturday :)