Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Fourth Day

It's been fourth day in my new office and I'm still a baby trying to learn and get the hang of my job and it's system. Nevertheless to say that the staff in my office is less than 5 people, which means less gossip and politics issue.

One thing for sure is that the staff benefit is not so comprehensive compared to my previous company. But it's a blast that I walked to work from my apartment. I can wake up at 8am everyday, I saved a lot on my petrol and also traffic woes!

I've also have the freedom to be online, no watchful eyes around.


The Mrs Blogs said...

LOL your office reminds me of mine :) Only 4 of us so stress free and best of all, free from office politics. So envy that you get to walk to the office!

eugene said...

new job? how about new boyfriend?