Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm damn well relaxed!

I have a few methods of relaxation namely lots of sleep, which I think I'm a pig sometimes, shopping which is must and swimming which I truly enjoyed.

I'm not a regular swimmer and I'm not as fast as a dolphin when I'm in the pool. I will drive down to my friend's apartment which is 25 mins away.

Last Saturday, I went despite the skies were turning grey, but God held up the weather. I had the pool all to myself. It was a blast!

I swam 10 laps, 5 free styles and 5 breast stroke. My mind was so relaxed despite my muscles were working. Felt all my burden was gone at that moment!

After the swim, I just laid at the entrance of the pool, closing my eyes, was floating on 6 inches of water and listening to the echo. I emptied my mind not thinking of anything and for that few minutes, I was in heaven.

I truly enjoyed this moment!


S-H-Y said...

How are you Jessie? it been a long time since I comment in your post..I hoep your love life now is ok..

The Mrs Blogs said...

That's how I love to relax too :) Just float away while I empty my mind and thoughts while just taking it all in. way cheaper than going to a spa, lol