Thursday, March 12, 2009

My New Job

To all my fellows friends and bloggers, yipee, I would like to share this good news.

I've got a new job working with my ex-supplier in which he would be my new boss on Monday the 16th.

When I've tendered my resignation on the 21st Jan, I was worried about getting a new job in due to the economy turndown. Deep down, I was struggling as I'm worried that there will be no income for me to sustain. I leave this matter to the Lord.

Studying was my second option if I couldn't find a job in 6 months. But after 2 months of praying earnestly hard and searching for jobs, the Lord indeed move in His own timing. Praise Him! He did answered my prayer.

Never would I thought the Lord have blessed me with an income that is sustainable for my everyday provision and furthermore, it's a walking distance from my apartment!

Praise Him! The Lord is indeed good!

P/s Right now, I'm using my godbrother pc's to enter this blog. You guys won't be hearing as much from me. Be patient though, I will update my blogs as soon I purchased a laptop soon.

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