Monday, March 2, 2009

It's Not Meant To Be

Aah, the final day and months of waiting came. My boyfriend came on the 26th, not on the 24th as he missed the flight. I was at the airport waiting with much anxiety and anticipation.

Waited... waited and waited. Finally, he showed up at the arrival and we met. Ahem, he was not the tall, dark and handsome guy as he claimed he's not; and he looked much older than the photo! Like 10 years!

I took him to the hotel and along the way, we talked and I prompted the question of how old he is, he did not tell me at first, but after much coaxing, he let the cat out of the bag. Yeap, my hunch is right. He's nine years older from his original age and I don't like the way he lied to me.

I brought up the question of marriage and spending the rest of our lives together. And he was not too keen about this subject.

After spending some time, we went out for dinner. Spend the night and he told me that he wants to go back to his hometown in Perak the next day. I was disappointed of him not spending another day with me and I've got to understand that he has to visit his family.

But, since these past few days, I feel that he's not that excited about me having as his girlfriend. He just called me once. I'm planning to go to his hometown to visit him or either I'm expecting him to come over but he's giving me excuses of wanting to spent time with his friends in KL this coming weekend. Gosh, is he hiding something here? Maybe he's having a family hidden somewhere.

I can feel that he's not being honest, sincere and serious about this relationship. He could take me as a convenient or stop over gf.

Deep down, I feel that I was really a stupid fool in love as maybe I've been blinded by this love. I feel horrible and devastated and I think I have to let go.

P/s I won't call him anymore and if he does calls me, I will ask for the breakup. Will update you guys on this hot news! It only take a few days more to make this final decision.


S-H-Y said...

Oh sorry to hear about your boyfriend, Base on what you saying I think he don´t love you sincere and why he better spend time with his friend or family and not to you..If he love you, you will be the most important person in his life..I´m not saying you should do what your plan but feel yourself first before doing your plan I think you will feel it if he love you or not..Anyway there´s many guys out there and waiting to meet you at the right time..

The Mrs Blogs said...

Hey dear, sorry to hear how he lied about his age. I’m not in the position to give you advice as I don’t know much about yr relationship but all I can say is trust your heart and feelings. If you think something is not right then move on.

But don’t assume that all online relationships will end up bad because I met my husband first on Friendster, met him in person then only starting dating. Maybe that’s a better approach in the future in my opinion.

Stay strong, and yes there are plenty of fish in the sea :)*hugs*

eugene said...

Sincerity and truthfullness is the foundation to a lasting relationship,if you cant find either one,i am pretty much positive that this relationship would not have a happy ending,so sorry for being blant.

If he cant even be truthfull about his age,i really dont know what else can he be truthful about, is he married,and tonnes of other questions.

Oh Lin Da said...

hi there..i read ur blog bot ur my opinion, he is not honest and truth in this a relationship, the first thing a couple must do is be honest and truth to the other half....