Thursday, March 5, 2009

Got To Believe in Fate

The call finally came last nite, my bf called. I really have no heart to ask for the break up, after hearing his voice. (You guys can scold or curse me, whatever). I sounded distant yesterday, was still a bit upset.

I brought up about the age lied and I told him that my trust in him has diminished. And even brought up the subject of relationship fulfillment and marriage. He told me that "we just met, and now you want to talk about marriage?"

Maybe my approach on marriage was inappropriate at this stage, I think I'm having insecurity about this, knowing that I won't be seeing him for at least another year.
I'm afraid that we will end up meeting other people.

I do hope that he will be coming back to see me another 6 months.

Most of the time, I want my way of this relationship, not knowing his part of how he wants to be.

Deep down, I truly want this relationship to work despite the long distance. At the moment, guess I'll just got to hold on.

He will be coming down this Tuesday to meet me before leaving to US on Wednesday.

P/s Fate as it said, if this relationship works, then it will work no matter what the storms ahead of you. Just got to believe in fate.


The Mrs Blogs said...

Jes, so does that mean you're just planning on waiting for him? Better think it through ya coz to wait for him 1 year is really long dear.

The Mrs Blogs said...

Oh no, sorry to hear about it. Has he left the country? Did you manage to sort things out with him? It is inconsiderate for him not to call or meet you. Stay strong!