Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Day 2009 Aftermath

Did all of you participate the Earth Hour on last Saturday for an hour? I did participate but I admitted that I cheated a bit. Well, I did switch off all my lights but I did not when I went to toilet and take a bath. Hey, I couldn't wait for one hour to shower.

I've felt glad that I did participate and it's not this time we need to participate this event. Let us do a little bit and be sensitive of our surrounding. Maybe there are a few steps that we need to be adhered to:-

a) Try not to receive plastic bags when each time we buy things. If possible, do carry your own bag.

b) Do encourage to take tiffin carrier to store food. This is to discourage of using plastic bags and Styrofoams which can be a danger to our health and the environment.

c) Do car pool, if possible, take public transport.

d) Be sure to switch off the lights when not in use.

e) Do avoid unnecessary opening of the fridge.

f) Recycle!

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