Friday, October 1, 2010

When Comes To $$$...

I was talking to one of the boutique owner yesterday regarding her daughter's education. Her daughter is in Form 4 and her daughter wants to further her tertiary education overseas.

Her daughter eager to pursue in music. Her mom was telling me that she has no money to finance her.

Music education is one of the expensive programme. That's why her mom has no money, lol...

To finance a tertiary education is not cheap. It could costs ten of thousand of ringgit. What more, if she wishes to pursue to overseas.

The government has introduced PTPTN loan , loan which students can borrow and return to the government once students have graduated.

Many students have opted to obtain this loan. It will ease the financial burden of students and parents.

Ps. Education is no longer cheap.


Kenny De said...

betul2 tu sis :(

sexy jessie said...

Kenny De: Agree with u, bro.

imriz said...

i agree jessie. here, too,in the philippines, you've to pay high costs if you want to enter in a premier university besides passing the rigid exam.
thanks for the comment at my post. i really don't believe that getting a blood droplet could let them know one has a disease:)))