Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tommy Boys

I was at lunch today and across the table someone caught my attention.

The person was huge with a bulging stomach, had short cropped hair cut and wore a man's outfit. The person has features of a woman and even sounds like one.

I kept on looking at that person and I was staring at the chest area. The person clearly was a woman and I was looking for 2 mountain top bulging from her T-shirt for confirmation. I continued to look at her back whether she has the imprint of a bra.

Nope, she has not. That means, she has no boobs?! How come I was wondering and still is now? All her fat in her body has covered her boobs? Or is she taking male hormones to suppress the growth of her breast?

I called her a tommy boy or tom boy. A lady trapped in a man's body.

I've seen many of these tom boys. Some have such beautiful features of a lady, but sad to say they choose to have cropped hair and wear men's outfit and shoes. They even walked and acted like men.

But one distinct features of them that they are breast-less or have tiny boobs.

Ps. Do they ended like a man just because they are flat chested? Or is it other reasons?


eugene said...

MMMMMMMMMMMM,i guess most of the times,they were moulded in such way when they were younger.

a lot of times,i believe,it is dangerous that parents do not guide the childre well when small, sexually,mentally,physically and emotionally.

god knows best ha

sexy jessie said...

Eugene:Yeap, I truly agreed with you on the first statement.

Parents may not guide them when they are young, and the influence of wrong friends, they ended in this way.

Mom Daughter Style said...

i honestly believe that there is a medical reason why gays are gays and i know people who are, i think they are just being themselves. it is hard to be somebody you are not, so yes i think they are trapped at the wrong body. but everyone is entitled to their opinion.

sexy jessie said...

MDS:Everyone is entitled to how they will live their lives.

They are humans like everyone else, but whether their changed of gender will be an acceptance is another issue.