Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hate basement parking

I attended my friend's wedding dinner at Berjaya Hotel on 9.10.10. Normally, chinese wedding doesn't start at it's stated time, I went fifteen minutes late.

As usual, the hotel car park was full. So, I have to park at the basement car park next to the hotel. I'm not too familiar with the car park but I managed to find a parking.

After of 2 hours of food, wine, chit chatting and video presentation plus wedding toasts, I decided to go home. To avoid the crowd of people jamming up the lift.

I have to walk outside the hotel to the car park basement. Most of the shops were closed and it was quiet. There was a truck carrying policemen stationed outside the shop lots. I did not asked one of the policeman to accompany me, because I was thinking would he do so?

Even the car park was brightly lit, it was deserted. I could have mugged or kidnapped by a psychotic killer! The car park area was placed with it's close circuit cameras, I wonder how many of these are working?!

Remember Canny Ong? The beautiful IT analysis who came back to visit her ailing dad?

That what had happened to her, she was abducted, raped and murdered by a psychotic killer at a basement car park in Bangsar shopping complex in 2003. (All this was recorder by the CCTV). She was out with her friends and she was picked by this mad man.
I really do not like to park in the basement especially during the night. Securities are too poor and even closed circuited cameras cannot be trusted.

Maybe another caption should be added to this :- "Park at your own risk. Your security cannot be guaranteed".

The car park management at shopping complexes did little progress since the abduction and murdered of Canny. Much have to be done to curb these murders and also for the safety and security of oneself.

Ps. I don't hear this news happening in other parts of the world. (Hopefully, I'm right). Why only in Malaysia?


Kenny De said...

hm. be careful sis.maybe u need someone to accompany u next time.someone u feel can be trusted :)

eugene said...

Yup, i hate basement car park too, it is always feel very cookep up one,,, anyway sis,be careful next time ya

Cas said...

Hate basement car parks too but sometimes dont have a choice. Just have to be very careful or keep searching for a car park that's well lit.

sexy jessie said...

Kenny De & Eugene:I will asked someone to accompany me the next time.

Cas:You are right about that, we have no choice but to choose to park in basements. Have to be careful and on my "super sonic."

imriz said...

oh. lots of "awful things" were happening here in our country, as well:(((
but, we must be wary and alert at all times.
keep safe:)