Monday, October 25, 2010

Flying Debris

Yesterday morning, as I was getting in my car, I saw something stuck on my windscreen. Went to see what was it and it was a sanitary pad. Ewweehhh!

Without any given choice, I had to removed the disgusting thing, I quickly washed my hands.

Someone recalcitrant threw the pad down and it landed nicely on my car's windscreen. The other day, I found a used diaper by the side of my car, it smelled so bad.

It's definitely thrown down by the same person. This person is a really &*&^^ brainless!

I have yet to report to the flat management about this.

A man was killed on Saturday by a flying stone thrown from a block of low cost flat situated in Jalan Sungai, Penang. The full storey can be found in the Star.

Koay, a sapu teksi driver was waiting for a passenger when the incident happened. He was succumbed to severe head injury.

It has became a norm that residents at Jalan Sungai have been throwing rubbish out from their flats.

It's the mentality and the attitude of these irresponsibility's people created such unnecessary injuries and public damages.

These people usually cannot be held any responsibility in doing these. It's difficult to catch them as they are smart in covering their actions.

Ps. How can these culprit be caught? Can they be educated?


reanaclaire said...

gosh.. like that elso can? so uncivicmindedness..

Kenny De said...

teruk betul??!! mmg otak letak kat kepala lutut la.

eugene said...

It has just got to start with education, teach them young to respect, to take care of environment and etc, and most of all adults must show good examples lol

sexy jessie said...

Claire:They are so uncivicmindedness which caused a man's death.

Kenny:Yeap, u r right. These people are brainless!

Eugene:Not only they are taught to take care of the environment, they must have the right attitude to cultivate it.

Gallivanter said...

Free for SHAGS, I mean bloggers gathering?

Angeline@安琪琳 said...

OMG, sanitary pad lor...How come like this? Never use their brain. Really BTC "Bo Tak Check" in hokkien

sexy jessie said...

Angeline:In other flat residents' there were reports that bicycles are thrown out.

This is really "BTC".