Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Every two to three months, I will frequent to Watson's to buy my purchase of my everyday uses.

Yesterday, I went and bought a total of 7 items which costs me RM101.20. Paid up and went back. Wow, for 7 items the total costs are above RM100 plus, it was costly.

Below are the expensive items:-

1. 800 pcs of WS Cotton buds (They were in packs) - RM8.90
2. 60 pcs of Carefree Ultra thin pantyliners (They were in packs)-RM9.90
3. 1 bottle of SI IV Firm Mask - RM17.90
4. 1 bottle of Simple M/Up Remover - RM19.90
5. 1 pack of BIOR Pore pack - RM12.90
6. 1 pack of C&C Oil control film - RM8.80
7. 1 bottle of Loreal shampoo - RM22.90

Each of these items cost less than RM50 but when total up it's expensive! Besides these items are non branded and non exclusive.

I think that prices of goods are going up unknowingly which affect our ringgit are getting smaller.

Ps. Is it surprising that these 7 items cost RM101.20?


Cas said...

Like I always say, Malaysia is getting more expensive thesedays!

Kenny De said...

nuf said. mmg kos hidup di malaysia semakin tinggi but do visit kuching. u still can find cool stuff with extraordinary price :)

sexy jessie said...

Cas:Very true, Cas. Wished that these items can be found in pasar malam.

Kenny De:Yeap, I wl definately visit Kuching one day. Heard that laksa Sarawak is delicious.

imriz said...

i'm not familar w/ the conversion, but, here in the philippines, too, there ain't any product on the market that's not getting any cheaper. i always gets sad when i do my grocery...