Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Paradigm Shift

I was called to my boss's room this morning and I was offered a new position. Nope, I'm not promoted, I'm working in a lawyer's firm barely three months.

I was offered to do conveyancing matters. Currently, I'm handling the accounts transaction and administrative matters.

So, this conveyancing is all new to me. I'm willing to learn all the new trades of this job.

I'm splitting myself into 2 pieces, I've to train my new colleague on my job and likewise I've to learn the new job matters.

Ps. I'm banana splitting, lol...


reanaclaire said...

never mind..do slow.. u will catch up one day .. not to worry! all the best to u..

sexyjessie said...

Yeah Claire, I'm doing it slow and steady but effective.

Cas said...

Good luck to you, hopefully this will eventually lead to a promotion for you. Always good to learn new stuff :)