Tuesday, May 18, 2010

He Is Reached

I certainly welcomed all comments and suggestions of those who visited my blog entry on "Couldn't Be Reached". Thanks, everyone!

Eugene's comment was a bit crude though, asking me to dump my boyfriend, no pun intended.

My boyfriend was wronged in the first place for not telling me why he couldn't be reached. I did not know he was under work pressure at that time.

After sending him emails and managed to call him over the office, he blurted to me, he was under tremendous pressure of work, it was then I knew.

Coincidentally, his LCD screen on his cell phone was going to kaput. So, he can't sent and received text messages.

He did came and see me yesterday night, and he told me about being his company is trying to "make trouble" for him.

Whenever he's under tremendous pressure, he will always shut himself out.

I have no reason to dump him. When I started this relationship, I knew that he can't be the 24/7 boyfriend which I don't expect him to be.


reanaclaire said...

When I said it depends in my former comment.. it meant this... "If u r comfortable and feel nice about this kind of relationship, then do carry on with him." It is up to one individual actually, some might not be able to accept this type but some don't mind... :)

eugene said...

good for you that he called eventually, but then again i still maintain that no matter what in a relationship we must be the first one(beside God) that our partner should come running to whenever he/she is having problem.

happy for you dear............

Cas said...

I think it's his reponsibility to pick up a phone - be it a landed line or public phone to tell his gf that something is wrong with his phone. Tight communication is important but glad you finally found out what really happened. Hope he'll be able to open up to you about his work stress ya.

Sexy Jessie said...

Renaclaire:I've accepted all of him in this relationship.

Eugene:He won't be running to me firstly whenever, he's having problem, only much later then.

Cas:Yeap, he should let me know in the first place. His behavior is like that, I've learnt not to be "too caring" anymore, until at such a time.

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

Everyone tend to behave differently ... I do not run to my partner first...sometimes, I need to be independent too...

you should know what is best for yourself, Jessie...