Friday, April 30, 2010

A quickie, anyone?

Heeyy, I know what are you thinking about! It's not the quickie that you are wondering, lol.

It's 1.20am, Saturday morning and I'm still awake posting my entry. My mind have been blanked for this past week. It's a routine and a must for me at least to post 2blog entries a week.

So, here I am posting a quickie. Anything that comes to my mind. And, it did rain just now, cooling the weather and bringing the hot temperature down. I'm able to sleep without any fan tonite. It's gonna be a nice sleep.

My stomach is grumbling down. Nope, I did not have any dinner, was not feeling hungry moments ago. But now I am! Gonna to make myself a cup of Milo and watching some late night TV if there is still any.

Ps. I think I will have a quickie with my boyfriend later. Have a nice weekend everyone, hugs. ;)


reanaclaire said...

i do my quickie posts at times too.. like this afternoon..what comes to the mind, i write them down..

eugene said...

so now what it is ? quickie with milo first or quickie with boyfriend first? which is which now.hahahah

Cas said...

Hahaha hope you enjoyed your quickies :))

Sexy Jessie said...

Renaclaire & Cas: I really enjoyed my quickie with Milo and late nite TV show, thanks!

Eugene:Quickie with Milo only, not with my bf, lol.