Wednesday, May 26, 2010

High School Embarrassement

There's a group of secondary girls were walking along the school corridor, and one of them took a turn to look behind her school uniform. Oh no! She's being spotted. It's the time of the month. Her friends quickly gathered around her and help her to walk much to her embarrassment. This is an ad for a local sanitary pad.

I remembered that I was a regular spotter when I was in high school when it's time of the month. Blame it on the uncontrollable heavy flow of blood and also my light blue uniform.

Whenever I'm spotted, I've to wash the spot and it did make a bigger spot after that. I can imagine hearing whispers from other school mates.

Than God! I was studying in all girls' school. If will be much more embarrassed if there were boy's around.

I was waiting for my school bus and suddenly, my stomach was churning. I wanted to go to the toilet to ease myself, but if I go, I will miss my bus ride. I was trying to hold but I couldn't.

Eventually, I pooped in my school uniform. Luckily, I had my shorts on. I was looking around to ensure that there were no poop dropping around my feet. Really yucks!

I got in the bus and my bus driver was asking "Who had stepped on poop?" I kept quiet, knowing that the smell came from me.

It was just too embarrassed to tell anyone!

Ps. Any embarrass moments back in high school?


reanaclaire said...

pooped? is it "sh**t?" gosh, that is unforgetable.. about the stains, yeah, kena before during my secondary days.. those days used looped and no night wear or extra long wear.. so it is a norm to stain! hahaha...

Rocks said...

I had few embarrassing moments too way back high school and elementary days and it is always funny to look back to them now.

have a nice day Jessie!

Sexy Jessie said...

Renaclaire:During those days that there were no night pad, I usually used 2 pads at once, lol.

Rocks:Yeah, remembering these sure bring us back funny and sweet memories.

Cas said...

Gosh what a story. Mine too much to tell but one of the more 'memorable' ones were girls mistaking me for a boy - yup - I was that tom-boyish looking, haha.