Saturday, May 22, 2010

BMI Overweight

I was in Tesco, Penang on Thursday having rice and soup for dinner. After makan, I was walking and something caught my eye along the aisle. One of the booth sells vitamins and supplements.

I need to buy my fish oil's supplements. And they are offering 40% off on all vitamins and supplements. It was definitely a blast for me to buy at this time. At the same time, they are offering to take the body mass index measurement, bone density for free.

After taking my weight, height and my body mass measurement, the result I was a little bit overweight! And I was introduced to taking some fiber drink and fat burner pills.

I was ask to take the fiber drink for 20 days daily and after that, I need to go back to check whether my weight have decreased.

After much persuasion from the sales man, I bought the apple phyto fiber drink (20 sachet) for RM65.00. I've checked out the price from the internet, they are selling for RM65.00. Aahaa! I'm not cheated by this pharmacy.

I took a sachet before bed time. It has a green apple smell, with a little bit blend on the side. After drinking, the next day, I went to toilet. It did the job of really cleansing all the toxin from my body. I did went to toilet another 2 times after that.

However, after taking it for 2 days straight and went to toilet for 4 times in a day, I decided to stop for a while. I could not afford to go to toilet everyday 4 times in a day for the next 2 weeks!

I'v been cutting down rice, especially at night and taking oatmeals for dinner. Since, I'm having alternate Saturday off from work, I managed to go jogging.

Ps. What is your best diet or exercise regime?


Cas said...

Jes, dont let a small test make you think you're overweight. Sometimes its just a gimmick to sell their products. I've taken products that incude u to go to the toilet......not fun I assure you esp at work!

sexy jessie said...

Cas:It could be a gimmick for the pharmacy to sell their product, but I've bought this product, so I got to finish it.

Anyhow, I will consume this product once a month, it's not too bad to go to toilet 3 days in a row!

Sexy Jessie said...

Cas:I've to finish the fiber drink since I bought it. I'm going to take it once every month, and going to toilet for 3 days in a row is not too bad.

After this, no more fiber drink.