Friday, May 14, 2010

Couldn't Be Reached....

I was trying to reach my boyfriend on his cell phone last two days but it failed. It went to voicemail. Thought he switches off his cell and went to sleep. And, this morning I tried, it went to voicemail too.

I even sent text messages to him, usually he will reply, but this time, he did not. I was worried and negative thoughts came to me.

"Did he meet with an accident?"

"Is he sick and was hospitalised?"

"Is he kidnapped?"

"Is he dead?"

He was supposed to go on a work trip to German soon, but how could he did not inform me?

Luckily, I have his office number. I called and wanted to ask his colleague about his whereabouts but no one picks up the phone. Talking about desperate measure here.

The last resort is I have to ask his best friend, if I cannot locate his whereabouts.

Finally, I sent an email to him asking if he's alright and his whereabouts. His reply was his cell phone screen was totally down and couldn't see all the calls and messages received and outgoing.

I don't like his attitude on this, feels that his responsibility to tell me.

Well, at least, he could have inform me first, least I have to worry and less stress.

Ps. Do you think that he needs to tell me that his cell phone was spoilt?


chubskulit said...

I know the feeling, it sucks when that happens.. Luckily my hubs will do anything just to get in contact with me..

He should so you are not worrying yourself.

reanaclaire said...

yes...if he is really someone close to you, he should let u know, if not immediately, at least within 24 hours.. lol.. ...does it sound like a police report? well, anyway, it depends..

Lindz said...

close and tight communication is very important in long distance relationship, he have an obligation to let you know what's going on otheriwse what good could it be if he leave you wondering?

Sexy Jessie said...

Chubskulit:Yeap, the feeling really sucks. He thinks that this thing is not an issue, just to let me know.

Renaclaire:I was resorting to make a police report if I cannot locate him within 24 hours, lol.

Lindz:Received an email telling me that my bf was under work pressure, maybe this thing has become secondary.

Well, at least I know he's safe and sound.

eugene said...

Dump this man,,,,,,,,,,