Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy CNY...Of Nga Choi Kai and Kai See Hor Fun

I've got to pack my bags for tomorrow, wash my clothes as I don't want them to become a pile once I'm back.

I'm leaving for Ipoh, my hometown for Chinese New Year tomorrow. Can't wait to wear my new clothes, the reunion dinner, seeing my new niece for the first time and receiving lots of ang paus.

And just doing nothing and be lazy...

Screw the hot weather, though. Usually after visiting my grandma, the first thing I would do is remove all my clothes and just stay at home.

When I'm always back to Ipoh, is a must for me to have ngoi choi kai (white bean sprout chicken) or kai see hor fun. (noodles chicken soup). Ipoh definitely the best served this. Just can't wait to eat all this and also drinking white coffee.

Ps. So then, Kong Hei Fatt Choi to all Chinese! May this year of the Tiger roar you with good health, wealth and prosperity.


reanaclaire said...

wah...coming back to be glutton huh.. hahhaa.. hope u enjoy all the food in ipoh.. but let me forewarn u .. the food these days will surely be a failure. expensive prices and lack of quality food..

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

Dearest Jessie,

Just want to wish you...


Have fun and stay blessed!


Cas said...

Hope you're having an awesome time Jessie. Happy CNY to you and your family!

Rocks said...

thank you so much Jessie! your prayer means a lot to us. God bless you! and the story you just told inspired us to keep on hoping.