Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hello Everyone, I'm Back!

After a week's break, I'm back into the blogging world. How's every one? Miss all of you!

Event 1

I was eating non-stop since CNY and eating does bring my family members more closer together. First time have the celebration with my new sister-in-law and also my new niece, my brother second daughter. She so much look like my brother.

Fostered a much more deeper relationship with my first sister-in-law, felt honoured that she serves me sushi and let me take great care of her daughters. Thanks, Yeen Kuan!

My second brother who got married last Dec 09 changed a lot in many ways. He's no longer that sloppy and for the first time, he did not carry his work home. Thanks to the wonder of his wife.

I went and visited my grandma and I'm glad that she's still growing strong each year. The Lord is sustaining her every single day.

Event 2

3 days before CNY, I was called for an interview at a lawyer's office. The interview was short and brief as the office is closing for CNY. I was asked to come for the second interview after CNY holiday. Thought it was to wrap the interview up from the 1st interview.

Went for the 2nd interview, and I was offered the job even though the salary is 20% lower of what my last salary. It's better than no income at all! I believed that the Lord have provided me this job. Praise the Lord!

Besides that, I will also start some part time business.

Event 3

After not meeting my boyfriend for 2 weeks, we finally meet up. I treasured every moment I spent with him. Was having stomach upset from the Indian dinner I had yesterday with him, it could be the curry....

Event 4>

Yipee, I will be having a week's off before I will start my new job. I will visit some of my close friends, do some personal banking. And maybe catch a movie or just sleep in.

Ps. Any ideas for me on what to do this free time?


reanaclaire said...

Hi Jessie, great to hear that u have a wonderful time during this CNY hols...

Lita C. Malicdem said...

Hi Jessie,
Congratulations for the new job. I hope you are now adjusted to the new work environment. Hang on!

sexy jessie said...

Renaclaire:Yeap, I truly enjoyed my CNY. Managed to had Kai Sei Hor Fan twice, yum...yum..

Lita:Thanks for the drop by and your words of encouragement.

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

Every thing is looking better,
things can only get greater, right?



Cas said...

Congrats on your new job Jessie and glad you have a fantastic time!