Monday, February 1, 2010

Blackest Monday... Not!

Today is Monday, the first day of the week which mostly everyone are looking forward or some despise it being Monday blues.

My right eye kept on twitching when I was driving back from work and thought is it something bad coming on.. I just ignore it.

I was caught up in such a bad traffic jam for at least 2km long. Cars were zooming in and out in every possible corner, I was fuming mad. I hate traffic jams!

After a short distance, there was another bad jam. There are some idiotic drivers who keep on blaring their horns. That keeps me more annoyed and frustrated! Later, I found out the traffic lights were out, that's the reason.

Another route I took, I came to face yet 2 more jams. I was following the jam and suddenly my car start to jerk. I thought it was the carburetor giving trouble. Switched off the air-con and drive slowly.

I drove passed through the jam and suddenly my car went dead right in the middle of the road. Started it again and moved. Then after 200m, it went dead in the busy street. Try starting a few times but my car won't move. Thank God, my car stalled nearby my regular patrol station.

Asked my sister to call help to push my car to the side. The mechanic came and pushes my car to his workshop. He checked my car and told me that one of the water tank hose burst. Oh boy! I did not know I was driving on an empty radiator. My car could have been caught in flames!

I thought "Oh no, cost of repair will be a few hundred". There goes my money but I have to had it repair there and then. Thank the Lord again, after repairing, the cost comes up to only RM40.

I believed the Lord was watching over me entirely. That my car did not stall anytime during the 4 traffic jams I encountered with. I just could imagine the chaotic and panic situation I will be in.

If my car were to stall between the jams, I need a tow truck to tow and it will definitely cost a very HUGE AMOUNT of towing charges.

When upon reaching upon my apartment, I found out there was no current. I thought of posting my unexpected Monday events, I can't. But after waiting for 2 hours, the current was back and now, I'm able to post this entry.

Ps. There's a reason of everything that have happened whether good or bad. I thanked the Lord that all the time, He's watching over me. In all times, I shall praise Him!

Pss. Any unexpected or unbelievable events that you have encountered with? Any lessons learned?


ShAKirA CHOONG said...

always count your blessings!

reanaclaire said...

Praise the Lord! long as we continue to put our trust in HIm, He will lead us through it all!
oh,i m not feeling too good today.. nevertheless i still praise God for all that He gives.. and as for now.. i think i go and sleep.. :)

Anonymous said...
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Sexy Jessie said...

Shakira:Yeap, always counts your blessings and appreciate them.

Renaclaire:Thanks for dropping by even though you are not feeling well. Take care n God bless.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Jessie, luckily your car was near your mechanic's place.
Guessed when you had your car serviced your mechanic did not check your car well or he would have noticed the leak, always a small leak first.

Also good you once a week walk around your car, kneel down look underneath see any leaks.

I remember once on way down from Genting Highalands, there was a stopped car by the side of road, two mature women waving me to stop.
I did, found their radiator hose leaked.

Got my friend's wife in my car, she, hubby and couple of friends had followed me her to chew three pieces of Chiclets chewing gum, then ahemmm, I used a ha ha, condom after pasting the chewing gum on the leak, tied it she can reach nearest gas station....I had used my car's emergency water bottle to fill her radiator.

Sure had some raised eyebrows from all the ladies, ha ha. But hey! Must improvise, right?
You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

1023 said...

Happy New Year~~!!!............................................................

Cas said...

Gosh must be scary for car to stall in the middle of the road. But luckily everything is okay now and it didnt cost u a bomb, hurrah!

Sexy Jessie said...

Uncle Lee:Wow, you really are like MyGyver. Who will have thought using chewing gums and condom? Couldn't have the thought even I'm not at my mechanic's place.

Cas:Well, I did went for a changed of the other water pipes and it did cost at least RM500 plus. Better to be safe than sorry.