Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hot and Tasty

Today is my third day of not working, I felt bored already. I should feel relieve and happy having a week's off, but I feel otherwise.

Stayed at home for the last 2 days but the weather is really unbearable hot. Once I stepped out from my apartment, my whole body will start to sweat even though I'm out to buy lunch.

Went out to catch up with my one of my friend on Monday noon, the air-con in her place still do me no good. Came back with bouth of sweat.

Yesterday nite, there were flashes of light promising of a heavy rain, but alas the weather changed again. The rain did not come.

Today, I went to Citibank mainly to cancel my credit card and to EPF office. EPF office to update my statement and to pick up some forms.

As I was approaching to Citibank, there was a few cars lining up for the car park. I was frustrated and annoyed because of the wait. Decided to park at the EPF office, but the car park was full! Imagine such a huge building but there was not enough car park.

After an hour, settling my personal affairs, it's time for lunch. Wanting to find somewhere cool and have lunch without drenching my sleeveless tank top, my sister and I went to Matsuki,a Japanese restaurant.

I had set beef shogeyaki and my sister had buckwheat noodle with rice and tempura. The total cost comes to RM45.00 which is quite and affordable.

Ps. I will be visiting a friend and Eugene, Bold-Talk blogger tomorrow catching up with them.

Pss. Sorry that I can't upload the food pictures that I ate just now but I uploaded the restaurant.


reanaclaire said...

i would love to have few days off like u but unfortunately, my leave are limited..
Hope you have a happy meeting with your frens.. Eugene too! post up some pics.. :)

Sexy Jessie said...

Renaclaire: Can't post pics here, don't have a digital camera and my phone captured not good quality photos.

Care to sponser me a digital camera? Lol...