Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Don't ever work with a china man based company....

Yawn, I'm suppose to be sleeping now, it's 12.45am and I'm blogging this entry. It gets me excited to blog this entry before I called off a day. Anyhow, I will be sleeping late for the next 3 weeks.

I tendered my resignation letter today after working for a china man based company for 2.5 months. Of course, I'm being offered a better job. The reason I'm writing this blog is to let the employees out there, especially the fresh ones not to be fooled by verbally confirmation promises.

During the interview verbally I was offered a gross salary of RMXXXX and promises of medical claims after confirmation. I was offered this job on the spot, maybe it's because I knew my ex-employer personally.

But,once reading the appointment letter, there are different facts of contradicting of what my ex-employer had promised. My gross salary minus RM200 and this RM200 was given as an allowance. No medical claims are allowed, meaning I have to fork out my own pocket money for medical claims. OT are only claimable after 6pm, which that means free hours are given to this company from 5.30pm to 6pm.
What type of %*&@&%^ company is this?! No staff benefit.

Every employee wants basic staff benefits required from the company. If a company cannot deliver basic and simple staff benefits and never intend to make an employee happy, no matter how established the company is, employees will leave.

Ps. 1) Please read carefully the appointment letter;
2) Never ever work with a china man company, they sucks!
3) Never ever work with a personal friend, bosses and friends don't


eugene said...

my dear,first of all correct you on your title . Let's not get racist ya..... there are bad apples in every market,,,,

sometime, we have only ourselves to blame for taking things lightly,we have to be careful the next time when reading any types of contract...

all the best to you on your future ventures

The Mrs Blogs said...

Wow what a rip off. Anyway so glad that you've decided to resign and congrats on getting another offer. And to a certain extent, I always get complains about those who work in that kind of company. You're better off else where babe.