Sunday, June 21, 2009

In The Heat Of The Nite

Yestarday night, I was tossing and turning around, maybe it's because I miss my boyfriend and I was hoping he was by my side, lol. I kept looking at the clock, it's 1am and another hour pass by, it's 2am! And I'm still wide awake.

Suddenly, the fan stopped and oh no!, the power in my apartment was out. I looked out and saw my whole area was black out. How long the power is going to be out, I wonder? After the few minutes, I really felt the heat, despite in the wee hours in the morning.

Decided that I couldn't sleep in my bed, I opened up the balcony sliding door and slept on the couch. There was some slight breeze blowing, thank Gpd! I thought that I could sleep on the couch until the morning, but the heat overtaken the breeze.

After laying for half an hour, the power came back, hurray! I went back to sleep in my bedroom with the full blast of the fan accompany me until the morning.

Nowadays, the heat is so unberable, even just sitting down in my apartment in the afternoon I will eventually end up with my whole body drenched with sweat!

Faced it, now in Malaysia, we are experiencing El Nino from now till Sept.

Ps. Rain, rain, pls come quickly. It's like a dessert out here!

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The Mrs Blogs said...

The weather has been so horrid :( It's so hot and I always sweat. And because of the horrid weather, I'm sick now :( Here's to better weather!