Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just priceless...

I was on web cam talking to my boyfriend who stays in US last Sunday night. We were talking for the last 3 hours! I was talking until 3am Monday morning and it was the Sunday afternoon for him. Malaysia and US are 13 hours different in time!

Usually, we kept on a hour of conversation, but I was not working at this moment. I left my 2.5 months previous job and will be starting on a new job on the 22nd. So, I really take this opportunity to have this conversation with him as much as I can.

We were talking about our jobs, our love, money, future and even past relationships.

The next day, I called him on web cam after lunch and I was watching American TV drama series with him. I was watching Entourage, True Blood and one more drama which I've forgotten the title. Even though, on my side the images I've received were quite blur, he explained every happening in the movies to me.

Though, we are thousand of miles apart, I felt like I'm sitting next to him watching TV together.

Ps. It was worth wile spending time together with him. The moment shared was just priceless! Thanks to Skype where we can have many free conversations.


S-H-Y said...

WOW! it was good quality time with your boyfriend. I remember those days when me and my husband we´re away to each other, we always find ways to be together. Goodluck with your love life girl...I wish you all happiness...

gab's mom said...

thanks to skype and yahoo messenger and the internet!!!!

i also enjoy the same benefits. :-)