Monday, June 15, 2009

Love Matters

I was watching a dvd titled "Love Matters", a Singaporean film produced by Jack Neo with strings of actors from Malaysia.

Part of this story, it's about a normal family man married for 20 years with an 18 year old son. Bo Seng loves the wife, Jia Li, but each time he wants to have sex, the wife just turn him away. He lamented that the last time he had sex was the last 3years! He was so patient with his wife, even though his wife refused to make love to him. Come to think of it, he could have an outside affair to fulfill his full, but he did not.

Come Valentine's Day and he bought a black G-string for his wife and she refuses to wear. His motive is to have sex with his wife during this special occasion. His wife then went for a shower and he barges in and tried to have sex in the bathroom. Wow, talking about keeping his craving for the last 3 years! She barges out and he tries to have sex but she refuses him again. Ending, Bo Seng celebrate his own Valentine.

Jia Li was with her usual gossip group of housewives and of course their topic was man indeed. They were discussing that the husband blamed them when they refuse sex to their husbands. According to one belief, men have 5000 times of sex throughout their lifetime!

Thinking of what her friends had mentioned, the wife was afraid that her time of sex with her husband was up. She thought her husband has utilised the 5000 times, lol. I was laughing hard....

She succeeded seducing her husband and they had sex a few times, not knowingly her husband was having erectile dysfunction. Their sex session were a disaster!

They got into an argument and in the revenge they decided to look for paid sex session to prove their so called sexual abilities. Of course, paid session nearly took place which ended up did not.

At one point, Jia Li was asking her husband, "U men are all the same. When you ask for sex, you only think for yourself. Can you just love me without the sex?"

This above usually happen to married couples, sad to say. Because of their extra responsibilities of house chores, daily work and even children, sex between married couples tend to slow down. Sex is a physical act and plays an important part in each and every married couples, it must be mutual, understanding and love. Sex and love always goes hand in hand.

Ps. What would happen if one of partner decided to give up sex? Can we still continue to love the person without the sex itself?!

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