Friday, June 5, 2009

That's What Friends Are For

I was having a really bad day yesterday after receiving a message which this message could get me into big, big trouble. I was wronged for not informing the other party of what I've done.

Fear crept in and I was calling my friends to help me. I called two of them, Eugene and Ivy for their advice. Eugene helped me by replying the message amicably. I called Ivy and sought for her advice, she told me to calm down, She even prayed for me.

After receiving a reply, things were sorted out. Praise the Lord!

During any ordeal that I faced in life, these 2 friends are always on my side. I've known them for 13 years now.

Ps. Eugene and Ivy, a big thanks for your help every time I'm in an ordeal. Both of you are really my best friends.


eugene said...

you know, i am always there for you,you are just like my own sister,take care and be of good cheers.

love you

nunung subarja said...

I'll stand on your side !!!!