Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Year Older Today

I am back, folks after 2 months away.  It's been that long, or has it and still surprisingly my fingers are not stiff.

I remembered those good old days when I was young celebrating my birthdays especially my first one.  There was a BIG CAKE and lots of food, food and food.  And balloons were everywhere in sight.  Lots of pressies too.  Of course, couple with birthday song, those time were priceless!

I celebrated lots of birthdays until I was twelve and it stopped there.  Maybe my parents find it was not a necessary for a big celebration and neither I was bother about it.

And every year as my birthday approaches, I am getting older, of course.  Thinking back,  I have lived all my good years until now.  Success, failures, love, hatred, rich, poor, sickness and health, I was there and went through all these.  And with God's grace, I am still continuing the journey.

Still with all the good years had gone by, I looked young always.  You can be deceived by my look.  I received lesser gifts or none at all as I grow older, but I do received lots of wishes. 

It will be a normal birthday for me as I will be at work.  My new colleagues doesn't know of my birthday but wishes from you guys will be much appreciated.

Ps.  Can someone get me a blueberry cheese cake?  It's my BIRTHDAY! ;)


suituapui said...

Happy Birthday! Mine in a few days' big SIX-O!!!!

Genskie said...

Happy Birthday Jessie <3

sexyjessie said...

STP:Thanks for the wish. Your bday is in Nov too?

sexyjessie said...

Genskie:Thanks for the wish.