Monday, March 12, 2012

Mummy...I don wan to eat curry in the prison!

I was talking to one of my sunday school kids and he told me that he was afraid of police men. I asked what's the reason and he told me that he's afraid of eating spicy food given by them.
He said his dad told him.

Their minds of the kids are so innocent, they believed what ever the adults tell them. I told him that he should not be afraid of them, it's because police men are there to capture criminals and they do not arrest innocent kids!

And no, they don't serve spicy food, like curry in prison! Prisoners do not go shirtless, they are given shirts to wear.

I was scared off when I was little. My mom or was it my grandmother told me this whenever I am crying I will be carried away by a BIG INDIAN MAN. And the story of the police men and the curry food were all just too familiar to me by now.

Maybe I was crying too much or being too mischievous that time. If not, I won't live and enjoy myself childhood years of being naughty, won't I?

Are the parents are running out of creativity's until they are still using the same old lies?

Ps. What lies that your parents have use before just to stop you from crying or being naughty?

Pss. Are you still using these on your kids today?


suituapui said...

Don't point at new moon or snake. The moon will cut your ear, your finger will turn into a snake's head...

sexyjessie said...

Eeehhh, that I believed is true. I pointed at the moon a few times and truly enough my ear got cut! It's a coincidence or what!

アンゼエリン said...

Oh about the moon thing is very true...

Even I told him to behave himself if not police will catch him and send him to prison and take curry rice...My son very clever to ask me why why why. Mummy here out of idea to scared him off...LoL

sexyjessie said...

Angeline:I think that your ear got cut too? Kids are smart now that the parents use this to scare them.