Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wheew! What a morning...

Damn the alarm clock this morning! No, it did not ring, actually it rang at the exact time I set. At 8am.

Another 10 minutes pleasseee....

I woke up 10 minutes later and washing myself clean after 20 minutes, I was out from the toilet. I accidentally looked at my watch and it shows 10 minutes to 9am. What!

I looked again at another watch whether it's 10 minutes to 9. Maybe the time at my watches have gone wrong. I switched on my handphone to confirm. It's indeed the said time. Damn!

I'm sooo late. I haven't take my breakfast and haven't applied my make up. And I need to start my journey half an hour earlier before 10am. To avoid the traffic jam and to find a parking space.

After gobbling down my breakfast and applying my makeup super fast, I was out from the house at 9.35. I really stepped on my accelerator and sped like an F1 driver. Thank God, the way was smooth but I have to park at the end of the road.

It will take me another 3,4 minutes to walk reaching my office. I walked at fast as I could and I reached punching in at 9.56am with 4 minutes to spare.

Ps. Wheew! Indeed what a morning today.


AngelineBK said...

Wish u have a lovely morning Jess. Have a nice day

sexy jessie said...

Angeline:Thanks, wish you have a great morning too. :)

reanaclaire said...

so..were u late?